How Many Lumens Is Good For Landscape Lighting?

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When you’re trying to figure out how many lumens is good for landscape lighting, the answer runs the gamut from a few hundred to thousands depending on purpose.

When it comes to outdoor lighting for your Brentwood home, it’s important to consider the level of brightness you need to meet your needs. To do this, you have to look at lumens, the unit of measurement used to indicate the brightness of a light source. You’ll also need to take some time to understand how many lumens are needed to make your space cozy, comfortable, and functional without being overbearing.


Today, we’ll take a quick look at the brightness you need by answering the question “How many lumens is good for landscape lighting?”


But First, What Are Lumens?


Lumens are simply a measure of the total amount of light emitted by a given light source. A higher lumen count means a brighter light. This is different from light temperature, which, as we’ve previously discussed, is measured in Kelvins and determines the color of the light. For outdoor lighting, you have to decide if you’re lighting your landscape, patio, or if you need floodlights for safety.

Landscape Lighting


When you’re ready to look at landscape lighting, you first have to consider the size of the area being lit. You also need to pay attention to any specific features of your landscape, such as a tree, statue, or garden bed, that you want to highlight. Your landscape lighting needs could range from just a few hundred to several thousand lumens, and your outdoor lighting technician can help you choose the right light for your lawn. Pathway lights, which typically fall between the 100 and 200-lumen range, are an example of common landscape lighting fixtures.

Patio lighting


When you’re trying to light a patio, you’ll also have to look at space, features, and whether or not you want your lights to offer the same brightness as you get during the day or if you want something more ambient so that your patio remains dark enough to enjoy but light enough to stay safe.



Floodlights are an important safety feature in your home. More than landscape lighting, floodlights are meant to provide security against intruders via bright lights that flood an area so that there are no hidden surprises. Most floodlights range from 700 to 1300 lumens. Brighter floodlights equal a more secure space.

Remember, Brighter Isn’t Always Better.


While it might be tempting to light up your outdoor spaces as much as possible, that’s rarely necessary nor ideal. Lights can be intrusive when installed incorrectly, and not just for you. Excessively bright patio lights, for example, may impede your neighbors’ comfortable use of their own backyards. Your landscape lighting technician can offer more information.

Consult A Landscape Lighting Expert In Brentwood.


When you’re ready to install landscape lighting at your Brentwood home, contact the lighting experts at Lumenate. Remember, “Lumen” is in our name, and we know exactly which brightness and temperature your lights need to be to make your space safe and effective.


Ultimately, when it’s time to light up your world, you don’t have to choose the brightest lights available. The number of lumens you need depends on the function of the area as much as it does the size. Ask your technician about brightness and color temperature.


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