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This blog first appeared on City Lifestyle Nashville.


Converting backyards into beautiful yet functional outdoor spaces is what Luther Tanley lives for, as owner of Lumenate.

“On a daily basis, I get to dream with clients. We take their vision, apply an artful touch through illumination and with sound, and turn what might seem like average outdoor settings into beautiful environments,” confides the lighting design artist.

Lumenate team members specialize in creating elegant spaces with the use of architectural and landscape lighting for both residential and commercial properties.

“Just because the sun sets doesn’t mean we have to head inside, settle for darkness, or turn on harsh security lighting,” says Luther. “With everyone canceling vacations and spending more time than ever at their homes, we’ve been given the opportunity to help people explore how to create a backyard resort in their own space.”

With a return to simplicity in his approach, Luther says it’s encouraging to see everyone refocusing on what’s really important, which, for him includes family time together, impromptu back porch happy hours with friends and neighbors, and having a welcoming outdoor environment to host these gatherings.

“We get to bring to life the right kinds of ambiance through lighting and outdoor audio. Sometimes, it’s about the simple ways to enjoy outdoor space,” Luther adds.

For the Lumenate team, it’s always been about how to apply lighting that accentuates the architecture and landscape at night. Luther says this summer, it’s more commonly about how to create a environment where old friends can gather into the night and family’s can retreat in comfort and style. It’s now commonly about how lighting can spotlight personal putting greens, bocce ball court areas, grills or hearthscapes.

Luther says a few trends are becoming popular during 2020:

  • Bistro or cafe string lighting that decorates in ways that often causes “yard envy” and also is called fiesta lights. It’s stylish yet functional, often hung where people congregate most often.
  • RGB color and Smart lighting, which can be controlled and changed according to moods or events, especially near bars, fire pits, sitting or serving areas.
  • Outdoor audio and video integration for high-quality sound experiences that surround and envelope people into certain experiences. Say so long to the portable Sonos speaker and wall-mounted speakers.

Whether one just wants to add whimsy to their backyard, or if creating breath-taking ways to enjoy outdoor space is the goal, Luther says they delight in creating a pleasing visual and audible outdoor paradise for clients.