Choosing A Holiday Lighting Contractor For Your Franklin Home

Middle Tennessee remains squarely in the grasp of summer, but it’s never too early to begin thinking about your holiday lighting plan. Whether you want a simple setup or something more extravagant, getting your home ready for the season takes work and planning.

Today, we will take a quick look at a few on how you can choose the right holiday lighting contractor to get your home ready for Christmas so that you are not scrambling when Santa comes to call.

Check Your Contractor’s Portfolio

Before you choose anyone to do work on your home, look at their portfolio. This is especially important if your holiday lighting is regulated by an HOA, as many in Franklin are. Ideally, your lighting contractor will have a portfolio page on their website – this might also be called a gallery, or it could be under an “Our Work” section. If not, ask them to send you a link to projects they’ve completed within the last 12 months.

When you have an opportunity to look at your holiday lighting contractor’s profile, you can see their quality and style. Furthermore, you will be able to point out potential red flags for issues that might conflict with your wants and needs. Look for unedited photos and videos that are tagged with notes about where and when the work was performed. If their portfolio hasn’t been updated in several seasons, it could mean their quality has gone downhill.

Look Into Reviews

It is not enough to rely solely on an online portfolio. It’s also smart to check with their previous clients. Look for online reviews from other locals. You should have no problem finding testimonials online. If your contractor has reviews listed on their homepage, check other sources, such as Google. Take note as to whether or not your contractor replies to positive and negative feedback. How they respond to criticism is telling of how they’ll handle snags you might encounter with them. 

Consider Pricing

Pricing should never be your top concern when choosing a holiday lighting contractor. Not all holiday lighting installers in Franklin are priced the same way. Don’t take the initial number at face value; sometimes, a low initial price means a higher price tag later on. Make sure that your contractor is upfront about all of your costs. 

Ask Your Contractor If They Are Licensed And Insured

It is also a smart idea to confirm that their lights come with a warranty and how quickly they can respond to issues with your equipment. Discuss storage options, which might affect your warranty, with your lighting contractor if you don’t have permanent lights built into your home.

Other Considerations

Your holiday lighting experience should be stress-free so that you can focus on the season and celebrations. And if you are having your storefront or office building decorated, ask your lighting designer for ideas on how to make the area stand out amongst the competition.

You deserve an unforgettable holiday season. Let us take on the hard work of getting your home or office ready for the festivities. Our experts know exactly the type of lighting that will work for your space and can give you unbiased advice and unrivaled service that you can afford.

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