What’s the Most Common Type of Landscape Lighting?

The most common type of landscape lighting currently being used is LED, and these have many applications.

Landscape lighting in Franklin, TN, often means illuminating the exterior of a home to highlight its best features. Landscape lighting is also an important part of keeping a home and its occupants safe. But what’s the most common type of landscape lighting?

According to Lumenate, LED lights are quickly overtaking traditional incandescent bulbs as the go-to lighting for architectural purposes. LEDs are great for year-round lighting, event lighting, holiday lighting, and more. There are many different ways that LEDs can be used around the property. These include:

  • Path lighting. LED path lights can be used to light walkways, driveways, and other pathways around your property. This can improve safety and visibility at night. Path lights can also be used to create a welcoming atmosphere for guests, visitors, and even passersby.
  • Spotlights. Spotlights are a type of landscape lighting used to highlight a specific feature in your landscape, such as a fountain, statue, tree, or shrub. Spotlights create a dramatic and inviting effect and can also add security by shedding light on dark areas where criminals might otherwise hide.
  • Floodlights. LEDs can be used to illuminate large areas, such as the deck, swimming pool, or patio. This can create a more functional and enjoyable outdoor space, which is the purpose of landscape lighting in the first place. Floodlights, like other types of outdoor lighting, can deter crime by making your property more visible throughout the nighttime hours.
  • String lights. String lights can add a festive touch to a landscape during holidays or special occasions. LED string lights create a relaxed and inviting atmosphere. They are also affordable and easy to install and take down when needed.

Tips On Using LEDs In Landscape Lighting

The following tips can help you use your LED lights more effectively.

  • Choose the right type of light. When choosing landscape lighting, it’s crucial that you consider the type of light you need.
  • Choose the right color light. While LEDs come in a huge variety of colors, you must know the color scheme that you want to achieve the look you desire. Some LEDs can even change colors to match the season, event, or your mood.
  • Prioritize placement. When placing LED lights, consider the direction of the light and the shadows it might cast. Avoid placing any landscape lighting in an area that will create glare or blind spots.
  • Call in a professional. A professional landscape lighting contractor can ensure that your home is outfitted with the right types of lights and that they are installed according to the manufacturer’s recommendations. A pro can also work with you to ensure that added lights don’t put a strain on your electrical system.

Outdoor lights are great for accentuating architectural features, lighting up water features, such as the pool, pond, or fountain, and for creating focal points. And LEDs are about the most affordable, longest lasting, and attractive types of light on the market today. When you’re ready to consider your landscape lighting plan, ask Lumenate about LEDs to fit your lifestyle.

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