How To Maintain Your Exterior Lighting


The holiday lighting season is coming to a close. However, many Nashville, TN, homes still have plenty of exterior lights that require maintenance as cold weather makes its way into our everyday routine.

Today, we share a few tips on how to help you maintain your exterior lighting.

Understand what damages your lights.

First things first, you have to get to know the things that might cause damage to your lighting. Frayed wires, vegetation overgrowth, specks of dust, moisture, and harsh weather can all take a toll. If you still have your holiday lighting up, you may also have to worry about squirrels biting into your wires.

A good cleaning goes a long way.

Your lights, like most things around your house, can always benefit from a good cleaning. Spend an afternoon making sure that mulch, tree limbs, grass, weeds, and other debris are not covering your fixtures. This can hinder them from working correctly, and these issues can also cause wire damage. Grab your hedge trimmers, and make sure nothing is touching your lights; while you’re out, wipe them down with a clean, soft cloth, too. 

Replace burnt-out bulbs.

Just as your holiday lighting can experience one or more bulbs being burnt out, so too can your other landscape lighting fixtures. Replace these as necessary. Now might also be a great time to contact Lumenate to discuss upgrading to LED lights.

Check for damaged wires.

It’s not enough to simply know that wire damage can be a problem; you have to proactively check for fraying and exposure. If you do notice issues, contact us to have a professional lighting technician evaluate the problem.

Make sure they’re shining where they should.

If your lights aren’t shining on the features you installed them to illuminate, wait for a clear day and then reposition them. This is a simple process, and all you have to do is nudge them gently where you want them to point. If you have pets or experience heavy snow or rain, you may need to check your lights more often.

Holiday lighting is not the only way to keep your home merry and bright. Your landscape lighting is an important component in the safety and curb appeal of your property. Make sure that your outdoor lighting is ready to shine all year long by taking these preventative maintenance steps.

If you’re looking for landscape or holiday lighting in Nashville, TN, visit Lumenate online to check out our gallery of work.