Creating An Outdoor Lighting Plan For Your Franklin, TN, Home

Landscape lighting can help make your property look beautiful throughout the night while enhancing its safety and security. There are many different types of outdoor lighting, and today’s post sheds light on seven of these.


A spotlight is simply a light that shines in a stationary and singular direction. These might highlight a particular feature, such as a statue. Spotlights may also shine on walls or patios, and they can vary in brightness and coverage area.


The vast majority of homes throughout the Franklin area include floodlights in their outdoor lighting plan. These are most useful for security and illumination. Floodlights are similar to spotlights, but they are mounted above, usually on the soffit of a person’s home. Floodlights can shine down on the yard, patio, or driveway.


Up/downlights are another form of the spotlight, but they are considered more of an artistic lighting expression rather than a form of security. These may shine from the ground or from above on a certain area to bring out special features and textures.

Step Lights

If you’ve ever fallen down the deck stairs at night, you’ve probably already added step lights to your outdoor lighting arsenal. Because Franklin, TN, is far enough from Nashville that we don’t have as much light pollution in the evening hours, step lights can help you keep people walking up and down your exterior stairs safe and sound.

Garden Lights

Like tiny little streetlamps, garden lights shine down on your plants and flowers. These are often staked into the ground and may be solar or hardwired.

Bollard Lights

Bollard lights may be the most common type of flight that you don’t know the name of. These are simply short pillar lights that illuminate a pathway. These short posts don’t have a cover over them, and they’re one of the only exterior light options that shine in all directions.

String Lights

If you’ve ever wanted an outdoor dance floor, your outdoor lighting plan won’t be complete without string lights. These are decorative lights that are typically hung crisscross or zigzag over a patio or deck.

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